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Our Story

The year 2023 brought much change for the Zondervan family. For generations, the Zondervan family has owned Rainbow Grill. As third-generation owners and parents of 10 beautiful children, we have come to realize that more time was spent investing in our business than our family. Thankfully, we have become aware of this and the importance of investing more time in our family.


For this reason, we recently sold the Grandville location and the name Rainbow Grill along with it. We felt that as a cornerstone of Grandville for 77 years, it was important to keep that location as a Rainbow Grill with the new owners/operators. As of August 2023, the Hudsonville location will be known as Arrows Restaurant. Menu, recipes, values, everything will be the same. The only difference will be the name of the building.

Arrows Restaurant
Arrows Restaurant

Why Arrows Restaurant? 

An arrow is a symbol of the values that we believe in for both our restaurant and family lives. An arrow is a beautiful image. The forming of an arrow takes much work and great precision to fly straight. This happens through much investment from the person crafting the arrow.

There is a great missional aspect to raising a child. A child is shaped, trained, molded, enjoyed, disciplined, and loved over time. All this is done in preparation to send a child into the world for the purpose they were created for. Hopefully, through a child's upbringing, they are ready to make a difference and positive impact through the channels they are given as they are sent like an arrow into the world.

Likewise, arrows are a great metaphor for an employer and employee. For generations now, the Zondervan family has tried to instill these values into business. From investing in, training, teaching, working with, working beside, and being teammates with employees, all to allow them to be sent off to try and make each guest's day better. This is our goal. To make each guest's day better. Hopefully, we are trained, shaped, molded, and then sent to make a difference in our guests' lives.

We are so grateful for the legacy of Ted and Helen Zondervan and Doug and Bev Zondervan and the values that they created in the restaurant. We have been able to walk in the path that they created and hope to continue to lead in a way that mirrors why we have chosen the name Arrows Restaurant. We are so grateful for the opportunity to serve West Michigan for 77 years in Grandville and 17 in Hudsonville. We look forward to continuing to serve the West Michigan community at Arrows Restaurant in Hudsonville for years to come.



John and Heidi Zondervan and Family

Come and try our delicious homemade desserts. Enjoy a Sizzler Steak prepared just how you like it on "Sizzlin' Tuesdays," and indulge in a wet burrito on "Wet Burrito Wednesday."


Treat your family and kids to $3.00 kids meals on Thursday nights while you delight yourself with our Homemade Meatloaf specials. Come check out the variety of Weekend Specials that we offer. We have an extensive menu that you are sure to enjoy.

What has been the motto behind the Zondervan family operating restaurants in West Michigan for over 70 years?

We have always put the guest first. We work alongside a staff that loves people. It is our aspiration not only to meet but exceed guest expectations.

We strive to make sure every guest is happier when they leave than they were when they arrived. Simply put, we work hard to make everyone's day better, from greeting you with a smile to offering you friendly and efficient service to preparing and presenting delicious hot food and thanking you for the opportunity to serve you. 


We aim to do all this while providing the cleanest and safest environment for you. We are truly grateful to be a part of the West Michigan Community. 

We hope and trust that you will enjoy your experience. Thank you for choosing to dine with us! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you and make your day better! THANKS!

John and Heidi Zondervan   

Third Generation 

Operators Owners of Arrows Restaurant

Arrows Restaurant
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